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The simple magic of Binaural Beats

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

It's been around since the 1800s. It's been tested and proven to have real medical benefits. It's safe and non-invasive. Better yet, it's free.

So why haven't most people heard of Binaural Beats?

Quite simply, not enough publicity has been done to promote the natural benefits of this natural, magical, auditory treatment. Here at Lifebeats, we aim to change all of that by taking this scientifically proven wellness therapy and packaging it into an easy to use wellness experience for all.

Discovered in 1839 by William Heinrich Dove, Binaural Beats is classified as an auditory beat stimulation (ABS) which is produced by inducing two different sound frequencies in each ear. The difference in frequency between the two sounds is then known as the Binaural Beat.

Illustration of how Binaural Beats work. Image courtesy of Healthline

An interesting fact about Binaural Beats is that it’s a perceived sound and not an actual sound wave. Thus, Binaural Beats only work with a pair of headphones or earphones in order to ensure the frequency difference between the two sound waves produced are accurately heard.

The real magic of Binaural Beats actually happen when you change the frequency of the sounds. Different frequency levels actually produce varying results from helping you fall asleep to getting pumped up and focused for your day ahead. All this with just the simplicity of sound waves.

Various Binaural Beat frequencies and its relevant benefits. Image courtesy of Healthline

You might now be wondering that this is way too good to be true. A free and readily available therapy that can help set the tone for your day and has helped treat epilepsy in a few instances. Why is there so little publicity on this and more importantly, why is this still not FDA approved?

The reason is simple: it’s complicated.

Ok, there’s more to explain than just that but for starters, since Binaural Beats are essentially a brain stimulating treatment and the brain is an extremely complicated network of neurons which we are only beginning to understand after centuries of research, the far reaching effects and potential drawbacks of Binaural Beats are yet to be fully studied and understood extensively.

What we do know however is that enough studies and tests have been conducted to definitively prove that Binaural Beats lowers anxiety, improves focus and memory [1] and has an actual positive effect on a person’s brainwave pattern through measurements in an EEG (test to detect electrical activity in the brain). That helps explain how Binaural Beats could potentially help epilepsy patients (epilepsy is caused by irregular electrical activity in the brain). [2]

Binaural beats has been proven to enhance the mindfulness experience

Despite the vast potential benefits, there also are reported side effects ranging from inducing labor in pregnant women to actually developing seizures in children which definitely comes as a caution that individuals under the age of 13 should not use Binaural Beats due to the immaturity of the brain. [3]

The bottom line: Binaural Beats are simple, free, non-invasive and have shown concrete results in helping users improve focus and lower anxiety. Coupled with the right background soundscapes, this can help users achieve different states of mind whenever necessary with little risk and high potential returns. It's simply magical.

Lifebeats is proud to be among the first mobile apps to embrace AI and Binaural Beats as the core element of mindfulness, focus and sleep therapy. We combine the optimal frequencies of each state and relevant accompanying background soundscapes to provide the best mental wellness experience for all users.

Get the Lifebeats app right now and try out Binaural Beats in mindfulness for yourself.


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