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Lifebeats is now live on the App Store!

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Singapore based company, Mindful Labs Pte. Ltd., today has announced the launch of their AI-powered mental wellness mobile app, Lifebeats, available for all iOS devices running iOS 14 or later.

After successful beta testing with over 500 active users and an overall satisfaction rating of 97%, the launch version features more immersive background soundscapes to pair with over 20 different therapy sessions that tackle everyday life situations including sleep, anxiety relief, dealing with fast approaching deadlines, daily gratitude and much more. Many more options are expected to be added on a bi-weekly basis while existing sessions will continued to be optimized for usage.

With Lifebeats, users will be able to utilize the AI-powered chat bot to get suggested therapy recommendations based on their mood tracker, time of day and personal profile.

“One of the difficulties we found that users faced with other mindfulness apps on the market was that they did not know what exactly would be the most ideal therapy for them based on their current needs, they were mostly guessing and not knowing if the time spent on a particular session was actually helping,” said Mike Min Htun, CTO and co-founder of Lifebeats.

“With what everyone has gone through in terms of pandemic-related stress over the past year, it became evident that most of us dealt with multiple emotions at once and it became hard to discern exactly where we should start to address the issues we were facing. With our chat bot, this makes it easier to take the first step as the app would do the hard part for our users by identifying the best therapy session for our current needs, while users just focus on the session to get the most of time spent on the app instead of scrolling and exploring aimlessly.”

Lifebeats engages a sound wave technology called Binaural Beats which is a form of Auditory Beat Stimulation to alter a user’s mood based on the session they are using and the goals they wish to achieve from it. Immersive background soundscapes are played on top the the Binaural Beats so that users do not actively hear it, but instead reap the benefits of them while not being distracted.

The AI chat bot in Lifebeats helps users discovers the best mindfulness session based on their current mood and situations

Users can also link their favorite Spotify playlists to the Deep Focus and Sleep sessions. This allows users to enjoy their favorite tunes while still enjoying the benefits offered by Lifebeats through the Auditory Beat Stimulation solution.

Extensive user research during the beta testing phase revealed that 87% of all users reported positive outcomes from using the therapies and chat bot. “Through the updates and optimizations of therapy sessions and functions from our user feedback since our beta test, we hope to achieve an even higher rate of positive outcomes with our official launch version,” said Lifebeats in a jointly-released statement.

Lifebeats is available now on the App Store with a 1 month Free Premium trial

Lifebeats is available as a free download with the free version providing users access to over 70% of the content library. It aims to continuously provide as much free access as possible and only placing selected features under a Premium membership which users can access through an affordable annual subscription. Lifebeats currently offers all new users a 30 day free Premium membership trial.

About Mindful Labs Pte. Ltd.

Established in late 2020 in Singapore, Mindful Labs Pte. Ltd. aims to provide affordable, accessible and innovative mental wellness solutions for all age groups.


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