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Self Help? There's really only one solution

It sort of feels like we’ve been seeing all these articles and YouTube videos lately about Self Help. We’re often told we need to “fix ourselves” and “change our habits” to help ourselves, improve our lives and find happiness.

Unfortunately, these messages and advice could lead us to become trapped in a vicious cycle where we focus on our deficiencies and tell ourselves that “we’re not good enough”. It’s a dangerous proposition, as this negative belief in our minds could lead to a self-fulling prophecy and actually lead us on a downward spiral towards greater insecurity.

Focusing on 'fixing' ourselves can lead to more negative thoughts

What we could aim to do instead of being trapped in a negative cycle, is to focus on being mindful to get out of the vicious cycle and by being fully present in the moment, we may be able to remove the self-critical and over-analytical mindset to truly find how we can take a step forward to grow in the right way.

So, how does being in the moment help me?

A large part of self help and growth is really acceptance, and this is only achieved through being mindful. By being in the present moment, we remove our focus from what we want or hope to achieve in the future and what we regret in the past, but rather look at what and where we are today.

Being in the moment, we focus on being ok with who we are. We begin to understand that no matter what, we are worthy individuals and who we are is enough.

“If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.” - Roy T. Bennett

In a 2022 study by Harvard university involving 15,000 people, what made people happy had far less to do with what they were doing and significantly more to do with whether their attention was fully present in the moment.

It sure sounds a lot easier said than done, but all it really takes is some practice.

Lifebeats can help you out with this, for free.

Not only does Lifebeats have mindfulness sessions that can help you be fully in the present, we have a dedicated section of Self Help sessions focusing on acceptance, pain, reducing envy and more.

Try these out, totally for free today to find the real self help that you need. Let’s be cautious not to get caught in the vicious cycle of self improvement, rather turn to the present moment and develop the ability to accept ourselves.


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